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    The Official Aging Timeline Of Hanson

    Remember Hanson (the original Jonas Brothers)? Well now they are 32, 29 and 27. Let's take a look back!

    Back in the day they were just little blonde boys who loved plaid.

    Then they got older and their hair grew.

    Some might even say it was a little girly.

    But they were definitely boys!

    They just happened to have great hair.

    And check out those cool sunglasses on Zac!

    But back to the hair:

    What beautiful blonde locks...

    Remember when Zac was all rebelious and put all those BRAIDS in his hair!?

    Then they all wore ponytails.

    But I guess with age, comes shorter hair.

    Woah! Who are these guys?

    WAIT! I know I just asked this, but where did these MEN come from?

    Here they are sitting. And Zac is wearing green Pumas.

    And here they are singing.

    And this is them walking barefoot in Los Angeles.

    Then Zac's hair started getting long again...

    Maybe he was yearning for his younger days?

    Now they are all grown up for real. And Zac is still wearing those green Pumas!

    Also they have like a hundred babies! (7 between the three of them)

    Whatever, MMM-BOP til you DROP.

    And now, since I know you are craving this, here:

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