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    The 14 Most Irritating Questions People Born In The 2000s Ask

    Kids these days!

    1. What are "floppy disks" and what made them flop?

    Floppy disks aren't floppy, so don't say that to anyone else, OK? They were hard. And they were basically like external hardrives but without all the fancy stuff.

    2. What are "land lines?"

    LOL. I'm laughing that you just asked this. Before cell phones, these things existed and kids had to call each other's HOUSES and risk talking to someone else's parents.

    3. Who is Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

    SERIOUSLY?! WOWOWOWOW. He was only the biggest heartthrob of the '90s. Use Wikipedia or something!!

    4. What's a "Walkman"?

    OY VEYYYYYYY. It was a thing to play your tapes on.

    5. What's a tape?


    6. What's "dial-up?"

    YOU AND YOUR FRIGGEN WIRELESS INTERNET. Once upon a time you couldn't even be on the phone AND the computer at the same time, you know that??? Oh yeah, and dial-up is, like, an excruciatingly long internet connectivity process. It sounds like this:

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    7. What are Beanie Babies?

    Are you serious?? They are little animals stuffed with BEANS, and everyone had, like, 100.

    8. Where are they now?

    Are you still talking about Beanie Babies? They are in a box, OK? They'll be worth something one day.

    9. What's a "beeper"?

    Oh, dear child, so many things you do not know. This is a device that let you get notifications when someone was trying to reach you. And before you ask your next question, NO, it was not like a cell phone. You had to use another phone to call back.

    10. Who is Sisqo?

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    Only a brilliant musician/artist who wrote the "Thong Song." You should really learn to appreciate music of past generations!

    11. Who is Carmen Sandiego?


    12. What are "Dinkaroos?"

    First of all, It's DUNKAROOS. Second of all, they were a a perfectly packaged cookie/icing combo that you kids will never have the joy of experiencing.

    13. What is a VHS?

    Before all the fancy DVR and "On Demand" stuff that exists these days, there were tapes like these that you put into your TV and they played movies. You could even record your favorite soap operas on blank VHS tapes and save them to watch later.

    14. Who are the Spice Girls, and why are they named after a seasoning?

    I'M GONNA PRETEND YOU DIDN'T EVEN ASK THAT QUESTION. But since you did...they are only the best female singing group that will ever exist on THIS PLANET. And it doesn't matter what their name is — why, are you named JERRY?!

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