The 14 Most Irritating Questions People Born In The 2000s Ask

    Kids these days!

    1. What are "floppy disks" and what made them flop?

    2. What are "land lines?"

    3. Who is Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

    4. What's a "Walkman"?

    5. What's a tape?

    6. What's "dial-up?"

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    7. What are Beanie Babies?

    8. Where are they now?

    9. What's a "beeper"?

    10. Who is Sisqo?

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    Only a brilliant musician/artist who wrote the "Thong Song." You should really learn to appreciate music of past generations!

    11. Who is Carmen Sandiego?

    12. What are "Dinkaroos?"

    13. What is a VHS?

    14. Who are the Spice Girls, and why are they named after a seasoning?