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The 17 Most Inspiring Things Jennifer Lawrence Has Ever Said

So brilliant, so wise.

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1. These incredibly wise words:

2. This true fact:

3. This motivational story:

4. This inspired question:

5. This triumphant sentence:

6. This statement:

7. This honest admission:

8. This pure determination for candy.

9. This daring and honest question:

10. This excited confession:

11. This encouraging tale:

12. These perfect six words:

13. This simple anecdote:

14. This subtle listing of the two most wonderful things in the world:

15. This uplifting story which reinforces our aspirations to be more like her.

16. This incredibly important and life changing inquiry:

17. And this answer to the question "Pizza or Peeta?" Because she found a way to compromise, yet still be true to herself.

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