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    The Kardashian/Jenners Got So Much Shit For Christmas

    That's a lot of gifts.

    The Kardashians/Jenners are extravagant. And around Christmas shit really hits the fan.

    The family has a big ol' Christmas party...

    ...AND ALSO THEY GET A SHIT TON OF GIFTS. And I'm not talking socks and oven mitts.

    I'm talking cars.


    They also get Birkin bags.

    In fact, Kylie apparently got at least three.

    Kylie also got a huge painting of herself all Suicide Squad-y.

    Kendall got a puppy. A REAL PUPPY.

    Plus there were suitcases.

    A toy Porsche.

    A red wagon. A small guitar.

    And what looks like a tornado of wrapping paper once it was all opened.

    Anyway, I'll be here enjoying my socks. THEY ARE COMFY!!!! Bye!

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