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The 19 Greatest Things From Verne Troyer's Twitter

Verne Troyer is my new favorite twitter account. #FF @VerneTroyer.

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1. When he met Kristen Stewart:

2. When he rode in the bone crusher:

3. When he posed with a lemon the size of his head:

4. When he lifted these weights like it was no big thang:

5. When he wasn't sure if he met Eric Roberts or Mickey Rourke:

6. When he posed with Thor:

7. When he cuddled with this stuffed kangaroo:

8. When he was like "Is this thing working?!" and then took a selfie:

9. This #TBT pic:

10. When he pretended he was luggage:

11. And the other time he pretended to be a CHESS PIECE!!!


13. When he wore this sweet ass cat shirt:

14. That time he wore this wig:

15. This pic with J. LO:

16. When he called this naked statue "his man":

17. That time he dared someone to drink a cup of HOT SAUCE!! (AND HE DID IT!)

18. When this selfie pic with Vanilla Ice happened:

19. And that time he was like "Aaahhhhhhh!"

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