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The 33 Fiercest Moments From Beyoncé's Halftime Show

Last night's Beyoncé concert, I mean Super Bowl performance, proved beyONCE AGAIN that 2013 is year of the Bey.

1. When Beyoncé first entered with all her glory:

2. And was like, "I HAVE ARRIVED!"

3. And then posed like this:

4. And this:

5. When she started dancing and did this move:

6. This move:

7. This one:

8. This one:

9. And this one:

10. When she made this face because she was dancing REALLY FIERCELY:

11. And this one because she was so fierce it was almost painful:

12. When her hair went like this:

13. And then it took on a fierceness of its own and did this:

14. When all of a sudden there were MORE BEYONCES:

15. And they all danced ferociously:

16. When she had 20 fierce arms:

17. And one fierce tongue:


19. When this face happened:

20. When she sang with a lady playing a guitar on fire:

21. And then became a hair-band rock star:

22. When she raised the roof:

23. When she tilted her head:

24. When Beysus knelt down to bless the audience:

25. And let them touch her fierce hands:

26. Then did this:

27. And her leg did that:

28. And also this:

29. When Michelle was catapulted on stage:

30. But then she had to leave because it was BEYONCE'S SHOW:

31. Basically every moment was fierce.

32. Because she's Queen B.


Any questions?!