The 32 Best Things About Zac Efron

    It was difficult to narrow it down, but here they are.

    1. He loves hedgehogs:

    2. His hair:

    3. His chest:

    4. His chest all wet:

    5. His facial hair:

    6. And his mustache that one time:

    7. The way he looks in a tank top:

    8. THOSE ARMS!!

    9. His ability to conjure up pizza:

    10. His athleticism...

    11. ...and love for adventure:

    12. His sense of humor.

    13. His butt.

    14. The way he eats popcorn.

    15. His eyes.

    16. Hi eyes in black and white.

    17. The way he looks in a suit:

    18. The way he doesn't want this girl to talk to him at all. Not even a little.

    19. The way he walks with one hand in his pocket:

    20. His unwavering mission for world peace:

    21. His butt.

    22. His ability to go from "HA HA HA"...

    23. serious actor in a matter of seconds.

    24. The faces he makes:

    25. His desire to hold people's hands:

    26. His casual cool style:

    27. His self-sufficiency:

    28. His dancing abilities:

    29. His loyalty to this hat:

    30. His ability to read:

    31. His crooked smile: