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    The Bar Is So Low That I'm Emo Over Adam Sandler Buying Tampons For The Women In His Life

    This is the bare minimum, and yet, I appreciate it.

    Here's the deal: people with vaginas get periods!!!! It's called menstruation, look it up. And for too long, we have been made to think that men buying tampons and pads needs to be some top secret mission. Like, if they are caught at the checkout counter with tampons, they will shrivel up and die right on the spot.

    But Adam Sandler, new king of buying tampons, is here to make sure all the men in this world know that if your partner needs better go to the store and BUY THOSE TAMPONS.

    And not only will you buy those tampons, but you'll save 10 cents AND the environment by not getting a bag to put those tampons in.

    And so, without a bag, and like a true ally to everyone who gets periods (which is literally the reason why everyone on this earth exists), you will show off your new purchase!!!!!

    'Cause they are just tampons, people!!!

    So yeah, be like Adam Sandler. Wave your tampons loud and proud!