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The Actor Who Played Ser Barristan On "Game Of Thrones" Had The Most Perfect Responses During His Twitter Q&A


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Then yesterday Ian McElhinney did a twitter Q&A (#ASKSELMY, how CUTE) and it was seriously amazing.

His answers were both hilarious...

@colindnghue someone who is still alive

...and too damn true.


For *some reason* he's a fan of the books more than the TV show.

Can't imagine why?

Basically every response was short...


@royalmoosetom in his sleep in old age


And straight to the point.

Basically, he just did not give a fuck at all (in the most endearing way).

Even though he was sad...

...and feeling bittersweet about the whole thing...

@c_c0nway a few more fights would have been nice, but I'm very happy how it went down


He still kept his sense of humor about the whole thing.

And revealed some cool ~set secrets~

@jomagill89 no, but we got some cool north face crew coats etc

And of course, it wouldn't have been complete without a question about Joffrey.

There are more amazing questions and answers on his Twitter!