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The Actor Who Played Ser Barristan On "Game Of Thrones" Had The Most Perfect Responses During His Twitter Q&A


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By now you should know that Ser Barristan was killed in last week's episode of Game Of Thrones.


It sucked. It was sad. WHY DID IT HAVE TO HAPPEN?

Then yesterday Ian McElhinney did a twitter Q&A (#ASKSELMY, how CUTE) and it was seriously amazing.

His answers were both hilarious...

@colindnghue someone who is still alive

...and too damn true.

For *some reason* he's a fan of the books more than the TV show.

Can't imagine why?

Basically every response was short...


@royalmoosetom in his sleep in old age

And straight to the point.

Basically, he just did not give a fuck at all (in the most endearing way).

Even though he was sad...

...and feeling bittersweet about the whole thing...

@c_c0nway a few more fights would have been nice, but I'm very happy how it went down

He still kept his sense of humor about the whole thing.

And revealed some cool ~set secrets~

@jomagill89 no, but we got some cool north face crew coats etc

And of course, it wouldn't have been complete without a question about Joffrey.

There are more amazing questions and answers on his Twitter!

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