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32 Years Of Team USA's Olympic Athleisure Outfits

Athleisure before athleisure even existed.

Los Angeles 1984 Games. Athleisure look by Levis.

Tony Duffy / Getty Images
Steve Powell / Getty Images

My personal thoughts on this look: I FUCKING LOVE IT. I want to live in it for the rest of my life. And are those suits…velour?? It was Juicy before Juicy. The only thing that could make this outfit any better is if the pants were jogger-style and not boot cut. But I guess you can’t get everything.

Athleisure score: 9/10. Would nap in my bed in this for 72 hours straight.

Seoul 1988 Games. Athleisure look by Adidas.

Tony Duffy / Getty Images
Eric Risberg / AP

My personal thoughts on this look: All white is classy AF. But with all the pasta parties an athletic team must be having, it also seems pretty dangerous.

Athleisure score: 6.5/10. As I said, i'm into it. But it looks like someone would hear me coming form a mile away if I wore this outfit. I like my clothes to be quiet. ESPECIALLY my leisure ones.

Barcelona 1992 Games. Athleisure by Reebok.

Ray Stubblebine

My personal thoughts on this look: These jackets are so American I feel like it's the friggin' fourth of July. SIGN ME UP.

Athleisure score: 6/10. Although that one girl is wearing American flag shoes so one bonus point for that.

Atlanta 1996 Games. Athleisure look by Champion.

Mike Blake / Reuters
Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

My personal thoughts on this look: I'm into this look because it looks like the pants are satin. However, overall the jacket is too "grandma fast-walking around her Boca Raton retirement home development."

Athleisure score: 5/10. Would not want to leisurely walk around in this track suit. Plus you can't wear satin in the heat of Boca Raton.

Sydney 2000 Games. Athleisure look by Adidas.

Getty Images
Getty Images

My personal thoughts on this look: I love Adidas. I really do. I would love to wear Adidas 24/7 and never take it off. However I truly believe the jackets are just too baggy and dare I say, boring?? I dig the pants though.

Athleisure score: 5/10. I'm too kind.

Athens 2004 Games. Athleisure look by Adidas.

Getty Images
Roberto Schmidt / AFP / Getty Images

My personal thoughts on this look: My personal thoughts are that I hate this look. Everything is too baggy. AND it's boring AF. Are those parachute pants???

Athleisure score: 3/10. Not for me, SORRY.

Beijing 2008 Games. Athleisure by Nike.

Nick Laham / Getty Images
Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

My personal thoughts on this look: For some reason this year they gave girls red themed jackets and the boys blue themed jackets. Don't know why there had to be two different colors. Also, bootleg track pants are not fun. CINCH THOSE ANKLES PLEASE!!!

Athleisure score: 4/10. ONE TEAM = ONE COLOR. Give them all the same jackets, sheesh!

London 2012 Games. Athleisure look by Nike.

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images
Jewel Samad / AFP / Getty Images

My personal thoughts on this look: Pants = good. THEY listened to me and cinched those ankles!! The jacket is cool too but I prefer a sweatshirt material as opposed to a windbreaker. Also the uniform neon shoes are kewl.

Athleisure score: 7/10. I like it but I can't nap in that jacket. As I mentioned before I want to be able to nap in my whole outfit, and there's no way I could sleep in a windbreaker.

Rio 2016 Games. Athleisure look by Nike.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images
Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

My personal thoughts on this look: TBH, it's 2016 so this outfit better be good and you know what, IT IS. That jacket is cool as heck. Those pants are cinched at the ankle just how I like them. And the whole thing looks comfy as fuck. I want it.

Athleisure score: 9.5/10. This outfit is great, but similar to gymnastic's judges, I will never give a perfect score.

And finally, as a bonus look because it's actually the best: Rome1960 Games. Athleisure look by unknown.

Anonymous / AP
AP Photo

My personal thoughts on this look: It's simple and understated but also patriotic. It's exactly what I look for in an athleisure outfit. It is simple put, perfect.

Athleisure score: 10/10. I lied about the perfect score thing. If someone can figure out how to take me back to 1960, assist me in stealing one of these outfits all the while NOT altering time and the future in a catastrophic way, that'd be great.

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