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    Taylor Swift Sent Flowers To The Company That Was Putting Up Inspiring Post-It Messages During Her Trial

    This is fucking sweet.

    Yesterday, Taylor Swift won her court case, which was a huge and deserved victory for her.

    Jeff Kandyba / AP

    And over the course of the trial, a crafts company called Craftsy, located across the street from the courthouse, was putting up daily messages made out of Post-its in support of Taylor.

    Theo Stroomer / Getty Images

    Every day it was a different message, all of which also happened to be lyrics from Taylor's songs.

    Theo Stroomer / Getty Images

    Basically, it was cute and also probably time-consuming.

    David Zalubowski / AP

    And it did not go unnoticed by Taylor, who clearly saw the messages, and then today sent the employees of Craftsy a bunch of bouquets to thank them.

    Taylor Swift's gratitude continues. She wowed @beCraftsy 2day sending over assortment of elegant floral arrangements

    They were pretty excited about it, 'cause you know, Taylor sent them flowers.

    @beCraftsy Team at office was blown away telling BuzzFeed "How's this for a Tuesday treat? A beautiful surprise jus…

    And as they told BuzzFeed reporter Claudia Rosenbaum, even though they made something for her every day of the trial, they still want to send her something else handcrafted:

    @beCraftsy Even though they put up messages each day for inspo during 6 day trial, they would still like to send Ta…

    Basically, this is at least one good thing that happened today. Bye!

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