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    We Need To Talk About Goldie Hawn's Instagram Videos

    Here, I've gathered them for you.

    Goldie Hawn is a national treasure (obviously). But as I've learned over the last few months, she's also a genius when it comes to her Instagram videos. I'm honestly not sure if they are funny completely on purpose or not, but they make me laugh and I think you need to watch them all.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    Here's one where Goldie forgot (??) to put an entire stalk of celery into her juice because she was holding it in her mouth the whole time. Then she tried the juice that she made even without the one celery stalk, and it was delicious:

    Here's one where she does weights with a dog sitting on her chest:

    Here's the golf happy dance, which is amazing and don't tell me otherwise:

    Here's one that's really artistic. She "gets up" in the middle of the video to go running. Cinematically it deserves an Oscar or at least an Independent Spirit Award.

    Here's another masterpiece: Goldie runs toward the camera.

    Here's one where she's just riding a bike around and saying "Aloha."

    Here's one where we all find out she's one of those people that drives with their non-driving leg propped up on the dashboard:

    And if you've made it to the end of this post, congrats! Because I saved the best for last. A video in which Goldie does a real-life spit take, and then yells "Cheyenne" for some inexplicable reason. It's my favorite Instagram video that exists. It's perfect.

    In conclusion: I love Goldie Hawn. I love Goldie Hawn's Instagram account. I HOPE IT NEVER ENDS.

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