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22 Steps To Tranquility As Told By Ewan McGregor's Instagram

Warning: may fall deeper in love with Ewan McGregor as a side effect.

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1. First, look at this photo of Ewan in a newsboy cap holding his dog with majestic greens around him.

2. Now observe some scenery from where he was in Scotland.

3. And take in the charming village.

4. Now feel the the ripples of the water as they pulsate from Ewan's feet.

5. And taste the smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream in your mouth.

6. Now look at this photo of a curious McGregor.

7. Are you feeling calmer, and more relaxed?

8. Good, let's continue...

9. Please look at Ewan take a mustache selfie.

10. And picture yourself a top a horse with nowhere to rush to.

11. Having a bad hair day?

12. Feeling skeptical of things or people?

13. Don't worry!

14. Imagine the smell of these fresh flowers.

15. And enjoy this photo of Ewan in a kilt.

16. Everything will be okay.

17. Just look at this interspecies friendship.

18. And THIS interspecies friendship.

19. And look at how good Ewan McGregor looks in a tux.

20. And near these stairs.

21. Well, that's all for today's session.

22. Now enjoy your tranquility.

All photos from Ewan McGregor's instagram.

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