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    Someone With A Death Wish Gave Kris Jenner Negative Feedback On eBay

    Do they even know who they just gave bad feedback to?!

    Kris Jenner, super mom, is also an eBay auctioneer since July of this year.

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    And up until three weeks ago, things were going great. THEN THE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK HAPPENED.

    It all started when she decided to sell these Tom Ford Black Frame Oval Sunglasses.

    These sunglasses will be known as the downfall of her eBay reputation and overall status as a human.

    Because according to the buyer, they were NOT satisfactory.

    The item was received with schmutz all over it.

    And now Kris has only 98.1% positive feedback. Which means 1.9% of her customers are displeased.

    If we look even deeper into her feedback, you can find that she has some NEUTRAL comments as well. Which means the items delivered were just meh. (Though they sound kind of negative to me)

    Even if the seller was being dramatic, Kris still has to live with this for the rest of her life.

    Our thoughts are with her at this time.

    Tommaso Boddi / WireImage / Getty Images

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