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Someone Call An Ambulance Because Lucius Malfoy Just Burned Sean Spicer Real Bad


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But, you'll never be able to see Lucius the same again! When you watch Harry Potter for the 757th time, you might even root for him! In fact, my new fav character is now Lucius Malfoy! Fuck Harry! Let me explain.

Remember when Sean Spicer, former White House Press Secretary said this, among lots of other (bad and untrue) things?

Earlier: Spicer claims that even someone "as despicable as Hitler" didn't use chemical weapons


Well, now that is has been a full few months since that statement, Sean and people over at CBS obviously felt good enough to have Spicer make a surprise appearance on stage at The Emmys on Sunday night.

But also apparently there was some love.

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Please see this Instagram he posted after an Emmys party on Sunday:

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