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Show Me Pics Of Your Baby Gay Self That Make It Seem Obvious Now That You'd Turn Out To Be A Big Ol' Lesbian

We were born this way.

As a lesbian, there are certain moments in my life that I thought nothing of at the time, but in retrospect make me think, "HOW DID I NOT KNOW I WAS GAY???" Like when I watched Van Helsing and only cared about Kate Beckinsale's character.

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But today, we aren't talking about things like that. Today, I want to see pictures. Pictures from your youth that scream "lesbiannnn!!!" without you realizing it at the time.

Apatow Productions

Like this:

How did I not know I was a lesbian? Left: 2nd grade, 1975 Right: 5th grade, 2978

Twitter: @Cameroneous

And this:

Maybe it's the outfit, or the hair, or just ~the vibe~ β€” whatever it is, I wanna see.

Twitter: @lullabyinst

So add your most lesbionic pics of yesteryear below. Let's celebrate our little gay selves!