Sarah Silverman On Smoking Weed With Seth Rogen And Living It Up In Your Twenties

    Plus, the comedian gives pretty solid advice on how to make the best of this life.

    You already know that Sarah Silverman is funny. Now you'll see a whole other side of her in her new dramatic movie I Smile Back, in which Silverman plays a housewife who's battling depression and hiding a secret life of reckless behavior as her world quickly falls apart. We sat down with Silverman while she was promoting the film at the Toronto International Film Festival. She gave us advice on how to survive your twenties and make the most out of life. Here's what happened.

    What is your advice for getting through a quarter-life crisis?

    Sarah Silverman: A quarter-life crisis? This is new for me. I did not have a crisis when I was 25. Twenty-five was a good year. Are you 25?

    I'm 26 now.

    SS: So how was your quarter life crisis?

    I feel like I made it through, but also that it's a real thing that people experience!

    SS: It definitely is. I think when you're 25 you're still finding yourself, and you should have the freedom of that. But you also need to know, it's later than you think. Get a plan together.

    If you could give advice to your 16-year-old self, what would you want to say to her?

    SS: It's all going to work out. Anything Dan Savage might say. It gets better!

    What do you think is something all women in their twenties should do?

    SS: I think you should have all of the sex that you're inclined to have, as long as you're safe about it. Use condoms and everything. Go with your instincts. This is the time to have a lot of sex and do drugs. But make sure you live through it.

    What's your opinion on ghosting? Do you know what ghosting is?

    SS: No, I don't.

    It's when you are dating or talking to somebody and then you just stop answering them and kind of just disappear.

    SS: You're gone. You're a ghost. You're invisible.


    SS: It's not very nice. I do think that there are some personalties for which they force you into a ghosting situation.

    So you are more of a definitive, "this is over" type of person?

    SS: If it's someone you're dating, yeah. You have to be a person.

    Who is the funniest person you know?

    SS: I have so many people. My friend Tig Notaro is one of the funniest people I know. One of my best friends, Heidi, who's a therapist, I probably laugh the hardest with consistently tears. I could list a million comedians that I adore.

    Would you consider running against Kanye for president in 2020, and what would your platform be?

    SS: No. I'm not going to run for president in 2020. But my platform would probably be similar to my guy, Bernie Sanders, which would be full transparency. Honesty, and going up against the man against all odds.

    What famous person would you most like to smoke weed with?

    SS: That's not a really big goal for me. Although, Seth Rogen told me that I was the first famous person he ever smoked pot with. Which I have no recollection of, needless to say. But I was very honored.

    What is the best thing about your job?

    SS: Just total freedom. And I think I do everything right and I keep my overhead extremely low, and I'm free to just do things that interest me.

    See Sarah in I Smile Back in theaters October 23rd.