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    Sarah Jessica Parker Loved The Eclipse More Than Anyone In The Entire World

    Eclipse queen.

    Hey guys, idk if you know this, but Sarah Jessica Parker fucking LOVES nature. I love this about her, cause I love nature too!!! It's cool and pretty. But this isn't about me, it's about SJP.

    She loves sunsets.

    Especially Manhattanhenge!!!!!!!

    She loves shells.

    And she even loves street garbage.

    But I don't think she, or anyone for that matter, has ever loved anything as much as she loved the Solar Eclipse. YOU MUST TURN ON YOUR AUDIO FOR THIS. If you don't, then you'll be missing out on the greatest video narration of our time. Sry Morgan Freeman!

    Ok, SO, according to her Instagram videos, SJP traveled to South Carolina to watch the Solar Eclipse in a location where it was in totality.

    And when stuff started happening, SJP GOT INTO IT.

    It is the most pure and passionate monologue about the eclipse that I have ever and probably will ever see.


    So anyway. Just want to thank you, Sarah Jessica Parker, for making the eclipse not just about sight, but about sound too.

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