Sarah Jessica Parker Was Completely Devastated That Manhattanhenge Didn’t Happen

Sometimes life isn’t fair.

1. Manhattanhenge was *supposed* to happen last night.

Michael Loccisano

It’s when the sun lines up perfectly with the NYC grid and you can see it ALL THE WAY DOWN ONE STREET!!!

2. It’s usually such a beautiful thing.

Mario Tama / Getty Images

3. And Sarah Jessica Parker was ready for it.

“Patiently awaiting Manhattan henge 2014 #cantbelieveigotthekidstobedintime.”

4. But it was too cloudy last night. The sky was just ordinary.

“A piece of plain old ordinary sky poking through under the standard hotel. Ah well, the walk was nice. #nowondernooneelsewasout”

5. She held out hope, but in the end, it didn’t happen.

6. And no one — NO ONE — was more dissapointed than SJP.

Did you see wht you did, sky??? You made people CRY.

7. What were her options?


8. How could this happen?


9. I couldn’t help but wonder…was any of it really fair?


10. People tweeted their empathy.

11. It was hard to believe anyone could continue on, but they did.

12. And then a miracle (science) happened. MANHATTANHENGE WOULD BE BACK TONIGHT!

13. And Sarah Jessica was reborn again.

http://t.co/7kDlwZCItG wait! Tomorrow 8:18p! Full sun on the grid! @Piscesboy69 I am renewed! Reborn. Hallelujah!

— Sarah Jessica Parker (@SJP)

14. Sometimes, everything works out just right.

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