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    Jul 28, 2016

    Saint West Is Already Just Like His Dad (You Know, Kanye)

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree (but in a cute way).

    This is the insanely cute Saint West. Son of Kimye. Brother of North. Heir to the Royal Thrown of selfies and stuff. And when I say cute I mean, ohmygod he's almost unbearably adorable. Turns out he's also exactly like his dad ALREADY. Please watch:

    As you can see, lil' baby Saint is giggling and smiling. That is until he notices something... THE CAMERA.

    And then things change. Saint just stops giggling and smiling.

    Instagram: @kimmysnapchats

    Why baby Saint, why????

    If it looks familiar it's because THAT IS KANYE'S SIGNATURE MOVE.

    For real.

    He literally does it all the time.

    In conclusion: like father like son.

    And let's just watch it one more time because I can't get over it:

    All hail Saint West. Bye!

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