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Rita Ora Doesn't Give A Fuck About Caution Tape


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I would now like to write a very short essay on how I think Rita Ora stomping on caution tape is a metaphor for life and that these photos should be hung in a museum somewhere.

Chapter 1:

Sometimes in life you want to achieve something, but maybe everyone is saying, "Don't do that! Don't go there! Stay in your house, the world is too dangerous!" It's hard not to listen to those things and those people. Those people are the caution tape. They are like, "RAWR, WE ARE TAPE!!! DO NOT PASS!" (Caution tape makes sounds like a lion.) But in order for you to fulfill your dreams you need to break down that caution tape. Sure, maybe it will get in the way at first, and your legs will feel all wobbly and your Adidas slides might slip off for a second, but then you will just destroy the caution tape and it will be left on the ground, sitting in the dust you left behind. Then you'll realize the caution tape is just for one purpose only: to tell you to be cautious, not avoid the thing altogether! Basically Rita Ora is you (WE ARE ALL RITA ORA!!), your life is the Uber that she's getting in (I'm assuming she doesn't use Lyft), and the caution tape is your obstacle. SMASH THAT SHIT. GET INTO YOUR UBER AND LIVE YOUR GREATEST LIFE.