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13 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be More Like Nicki Minaj

Let Nicki teach you a thing or two.

1. Because she's wise as fuck:

2. Like, really, really wise.

3. Jaw-dropping, head-spinning wise.

4. Wiser than an owl.

5. Definitely wiser than your grandpa:

6. I'm talking Yoda-level wise.

7. Truly, truly wise.

8. SERIOUSLY enlightened.

9. Like, this girl knows what's up.

10. Way wiser than even "beyond her years."

11. Crazyyyyy full of wisdom.

12. Wiser than that random old lady who gave you advice in the park a few years back only to disappear from the bench when you went back to thank her.

13. And also she's damn cool too.

In conclusion: Let Nicki show you the way.