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13 Reasons To Follow Julianne Moore On Instagram Immediately

Just do it.

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1. Because she uses Bitmojis.

2. And those Bitmojis do things.

3. Things that you can't even imagine.

4. Including swimming in a pool.

5. Because she also shares pics of rocks that look like turtles...

6. ...her Birkenstocks in the water...

7. ...and pics that show she knows how to live.

8. Because she exposes her kid's caller ID which shows her real name... JULIE!!!!!

9. Because she's not afraid to show what she'd look like if she had a beard.

10. Or turned into a rabbit.

11. 'Cause this little guy was stuck on her porch and she's obviously a very skilled photographer and captured the trauma.

12. 'Cause oh my dog.

13. And most of all cause she's Julianne fuckin' Moore! And she's holding her iPhone over the edge of the 103rd floor of the Empire State Building which is crazy and I love it!!!!!!!

Instagram: @juliannemoore

In conclusion: please post moore on Instagram, Julianne. Lol love you.

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