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    22 Reasons No Animal Can Be Trusted

    Whatta bunch of jerks.

    1. Because of this dog who waited for his "friend" to tire, and then swooped in for the goods.

    2. Because of this bird who "didn't see" what happened.

    3. And this dog that siezed his moment and left the others to starve.

    4. Because of this cat, who is the bowl dictator.

    5. And this rabbit who learned karate just to defeat this goat.

    6. Because of this cat who didn't even let his buddy blow out its birthday candle.

    7. Because of this rabbit who couldn't have just chosen a different leafy green to eat.

    8. And this sneaky crow, who knew exactly what he was doing.

    9. Because of this cat who is literally trying to kill the other one.

    10. And this turtle, who betrayed his own kind.

    11. Because of this sneaky fish, who laid low until he was ready to strike.

    12. And this sly ferret that stole and ran.

    13. Because of this dog who took such pleasure in his cat defeat.

    14. And this owl who literally urinated on his neighbor.

    15. Because of this goat, who has no respect for puppies.

    16. And this goat who is just ready to take everyone down.

    17. Because of this cat that who rode in for revenge.

    18. Because of this bird who used flight against the land animals.

    19. And these goats who told their friend he was going for a fun little ride only to decieve him.

    20. Because of this cat, who cleverly put the blame on someone else.

    21. Because of this praying mantis, who showed no mercy.

    22. And this seal, who decided if he was going down, he was bringing everyone with him.

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