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29 Reasons Emma Watson Is The Light Of Every Human's Life

Admit it, she is.

1. Hi, this is Emma Watson and if you don't know her then you've probably been hiding out in an underground shelter since the 1950s and I'd like to welcome you to 2014.

2. Emma — or as some call her, Emma — is literally a goddess.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

3. OK, not LITERALLY, but like, she basically is.

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

4. It's physically impossible for her not to look great, even though she claims otherwise.

5. Just look at how she pulls off this suit:

Fameflynet Pictures

6. And manages to make pants under a dress look normal and... wait for it ...GOOD.

Fameflynet Pictures

7. Her shoulders also always look flawless...

Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

8. And so does her face. I mean, it's a flawless face.

Fameflynet Pictures

9. But don't let her beauty fool you, she's just like us!

10. She hates flip flops...

11. And she even hates annoying people in movie theaters:

12. Obviously her future was bright from the start. Look how smart and rational she was as a child.

13. And even though she was part of a boys' club, she was a boss woman from the start:

14. Did I already mention that she always looks good?

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty

15. It's clear that all eyes are on her (they really are):

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

16. But that doesn't stop her from being humble:

17. And having her priorities straight:

18. She embraces her past:

19. In both awkward situations...

20. And adorable ones:

21. But she knows she is a force... a very dangerous one:

...who now does this in movies:

22. Plus she's multi-talented. Look at her dance...

23. (She's a good dancer.)

24. And she PAINTED THIS (of herself).

25. She's anti-gym like the rest of us...

26. And also thinks Katniss is one cool chick.

27. If it hasn't been stated enough already, she's gorgeous and perfect in every way...

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

28. Rocks a perfect braid...

29. And of course, is one classy gal.

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