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21 Reasons Blue Ivy Carter Was Infinitely Cooler Than Everyone Else In 2013

I want to grow up to be just like Blue Ivy.

1. Because she had a chair made just for her:

2. And she hung out in a hammock with Beyoncé:

3. Because she was FEATURED on an album track:

4. And was the actual star of the music video:

5. Because she wore these amazing pajamas...

Fameflynet Pictures

6. And didn't give a damn hoot what you or your friends thought of them.

Famflynet Pictures

7. And oh yeah, the entire time she was ON A YACHT.

Fameflynet Pictures

When's the last time you went yachting in a pajama onesie?!??!

8. Because a picture of her TOE got almost half a million likes.

9. Because Jay Z gave her a shoulder ride:

10. And she wore a crown bigger than her actual head: / Via

Do you even OWN a crown?

11. Because she was carried through paradise somewhere...

12. TWICE.


And probably like 100 times more than that.

14. Because she became the youngest person to ever throw her hands up in blacklight room:

15. Because she had time to spend relaxing in a jacuzzi:

16. And she was a bee for Halloween, which is way cooler than being a ghost or something lame like that:

17. And she popped bubbles that were blown by Beyoncé:

18. Because her shoe game was on point:

19. And she learned how to give a little 'tude:

20. Because she got to just be held and carried around and didn't have to walk or exert any energy at all:

Dean / MRM /

21. And because like the jacket says, she is Miss Blue Carter and that about sums it up.

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