Proof That There’s A Jew Inside Harry Styles Just Waiting To Grow Wings And Fly

He’s not Jewish, but I will gladly accept him as an honorary member of the tribe.

1. He wore a yarmulke with his own name on it:

2. He talked about Hanukkah and his love for latkes:

3. He used several Hebrew words while wishing us a happy Purim:

4. He got a tattoo of Hebrew letters spelling out his sister’s name:

OK so obviously the tattoo itself isn’t quite in line with Judaism, but, ג’מה!!!!

5. He fasted over Yom Kippur:

6. He went to Ft. Lauderdale:

7. He went to Kosher restaurant Le Marais in New York while wearing a kippah:


8. He sang during the Passover Seder:

9. He incorporated Yiddish words in his everyday phrases:

10. He tried out the look of payos:

Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson

11. He wished us all a happy new year, IN HEBREW!!!

12. He gave a great big mazel tov to his friend:

13. He wore the Star of David around his neck:

Getty Images / Jason Merritt


Nevermind that there’s also a cross there.

14. He played scrabble with his mother:

15. He answered a fan…in Hebrew:

16. This was his reaction when a fan said she was from Israel and when Liam said they’d perform there:


Gifs via

17. He is currently taking Hebrew lessons to become a master of the language:


Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson

Baruch HaShem for Harry Stylestein.

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