Proof That Taylor Swift Is The Ultimate Cat Lady

She loves her cat, and is a lady.

1. Well, first of all, she’s a self-proclaimed cat lady.

2. But it takes more to be a cat lady than to just call yourself one. Anyone can be a cat lady, heck I can be a cat lady, but Taylor Swift really IS a cat lady.

3. First of all, her friend is a cat. That’s a very obvious tell of a cat lady.

4. Secondly, she makes eye contact with her cat. (Another cat lady type thing to do)

5. She sings music to her cat (totally cat lady-esque)

6. And she’s got a closet full of plain colored heels in which her cat sits in.


7. She buys her cat clothes.

(cat lady)

8. And she wears clothes with cats on them.

Fameflynet Pictures

(Total cat lady)

9. She basically can’t say a sentence without saying “cat” several times in said sentence, which is a symptom (of being a cat lady).


10. And she wears cardigans.

Fameflynet Pictures

Cat lady alert!!

11. She uploads photos constantly of her cat.

12. (it’s cute obviously, just saying, it’s another symptom)

13. Also, she finds it a struggle to NOT get more cats.

Clear cut cat lady right here.

14. She speaks in broken sentences while talking suspiciously about cats…

15. And some of her biggest problems in life are directly related to cat home life.

16. Sometimes she wears cat ears.

Which definitely makes her a cat-lady.

17. She also has whiskers…..

Wait this is getting weird.

18. And it seems as though some days she literally morphs into a cat. Making her an ACTUAL CAT LADY.

19. Conclusion: Taylor Swift might actually be a lady-cat, as in she is a cat, who is a lady too.

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