Proof That Sarah Jessica Parker And Carrie Bradshaw Are Actually The Same Person

    Whooaaaaaaaaa, TV= real life.

    Exhibit A: Sarah eats books for dinner...

    Carrie ALSO eats books for dinner.

    Exhibit B: Sarah is confused by internet lingo...

    Carrie is just plain old confused about the internet.

    Exhibit C: Sarah poses questions to the universe...

    Carrie ALSO poses questions to the universe.

    Exhibit D: Sarah loves shoes.

    Carrie LOVEEEEEESSSS shoes.

    Exhibit E: Sarah is a bit melodramatic.

    Carrie is DEFINITELY melodramatic.

    Exhibit F: Did I already say Sarah was kind of melodramatic?

    Because Carrie was VERY melodramatic.

    Exhibit G: Sarah loves talking about Greek things...

    Carrie YEARNS for Greece.

    Exhibit H: Sarah eats fries.

    Carrie LOVES fries.

    Exhibit I: Sarah clearly loves Vogue Magazine on a deep and subconcious level.

    Vogue was Carrie's bible.

    Exhibit J: Sarah prefers the train over flying...

    Carrie literally took a train from New York to California because she felt the SAME WAY.

    Exhibit K: Sarah believes in soul mates without explicitly saying it.

    Carrie believes in soul mates and is philosophical about it.

    Exhibit L: Sara tweets at her friends.

    And retweets her friends.

    The same friends who are ALSO CARRIE'S friends.

    Exhibit M: Sarah "pretends" that CARRIE said things and not her.

    Exhibit N: And finally, Sarah has a love affair with New York City.

    And we all know Carrie's one true love was also NYC.

    The end. They are the same person.