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    Proof That Emma Thompson Is An Older Version Of Jennifer Lawrence

    Actually, she's more like the original Jennifer Lawrence, since Emma has been being her wonderful, weird self for years before J.Law.

    They've both perfected the walking videobomb:

    And the standing photobomb:

    They both love a good drink at award shows:

    They both know how to make an entrance on the stage:

    And on the red carpet:

    They've both perfected the facial expression square:

    And the intense facial expressions in general:

    They both are pros at fashion-related questions:

    They both manage to talk about themselves in a delightful and endearing way:

    They both know just what to do during interviews:

    They probably both make their PR people a weeeee bittt nervous:

    And we know that if they ever became friends, none of us would be the same.