37 Times Pitbull’s Tumblr Was A Source Of Wisdom And Inspiration

More like a pitspiration.

1. When he reminded us of what to do…

2. …and the main goal in life.

3. When he cared for us.

4. When he wanted to teach us a thing or two.

5. When he made us realize you don’t have to be somewhere to really be there.

6. When he made us realize that even famous people get got.

7. Because even they aren’t ~perfect~.

8. When he wanted you to just enjoy life.

9. When he reminded us that to succeed, there is no such thing as a lazy Sunday…


11. When he reassured us that puberty makes good things happen.

12. When he told us to grow up or get outgrown.

13. When he made you realize the years will bring you strength and domination.

14. And that you can make something out of nothing.

15. When he told us to BELIEVE in ourselves.

16. When he motivated us to give everything tonight…

17. And get down to business.

18. When he reminded us that you always have to be on.

19. And that real mean wear pink.

20. When he urged us to always give it 100%.

22. When he just wanted us to chill and enjoy the weekend.

23. When he assured us that NOTHING will stop the party. The party will go on.

24. When he encouraged us to dress for success.

25. When he reminded us that sometimes you can be good with a little bit of bad.

26. And that sometimes it’s OK to take off your sunglasses.

27. When he made us focus.

28. When he was like a true sensei.

29. When he encouraged us to laugh, because it cures all!

30. When he led by example.

31. When he reminded us that being in a coffin sucks.

32. When he showed us that backstage isn’t a time for relaxing.

33. And that it’s not about the hat. It’s about the man.

34. When he motivated us to #hustle.

35. When he inspired us with this visual.

36. When he got meta about the whole life/inspiration thing.

37. And when he just said hello, and everything felt better.

Thanks to Pitbull’s Tumblr now, I highly suggest you follow it now.

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