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    16 Pictures That Were Taken Of Famous People This Week

    Caught on camera.

    1. Adam Sandler was a piece of toast.

    2. Justin Theroux wore a tank top.

    3. Simon Cowell evaluated a pumpkin.

    4. Heidi Klum got ready for her Halloween party.

    5. Owen Wilson rode a small bike.

    6. Gigi Hadid was The Mask.

    7. Sarah Jessica Parker handed out candy on her stoop.

    8. Naomi Watts held her pup.

    9. Benji and Joel Madden had some brotherly bonding.

    10. Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson went for a stroll.

    11. Ben Affleck looked weirdly happy about his parking ticket.

    12. Hailey Bieber tripped.

    13. Jennifer Garner was all muscle.

    14. Halsey was dyed.

    15. Nick and Joe Jonas were a couple of bros playing spikeball.

    16. And Mariah Carey was a rockstar.