Literally Just 17 Pictures Of Ben Affleck And Ana De Armas Walking

    They love to walk!!!

    1. See the two of them here? They seem to be doing a good job at walking.

    2. Here they walk while he kisses her forehead.

    3. Walking the dogs? They are good at that too.

    4. They love to do that.

    5. Walking in the evening? Yep, they nailed it.

    6. Walking whilst tangled up in each other? NO PROBLEM FOR THESE TWO.

    7. Here they are walking again. Impressive.

    8. Just when you thought they were done walking...they walked some more.

    9. There is no stopping this walking couple.

    10. Here they are sitting. JK they are walking.

    11. All the time with the walking!

    12. WE GET IT.

    13. There they go again!!


    15. Strolling? Yep, they are good at that too.

    16. One might say they are also good at sauntering.

    17. In conclusion: this is one couple that knows how to walk. Bye!