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    26 Pics Of The Cast Of "Yellowjackets" Being Cute In Real Life, And Definitely Nothing Like They Are On The Show

    No cannabilism IRL.

    YJG (Yellowjackets gang) — assemble!


    Even though the show is dark and weird and I have a hard time explaining it to my friends when they ask me to, I AM INTO IT.

    yellowjackets is more like wat huh oof ah jesus
    Lauren Yapalater

    Mosty because of the cast. I love them all. So, naturally, I stalked their Instagrams and gathered as many pictures of them being cute IRL as I could find. HERE ARE OUR GALS not doing weird things!!!

    1. The YJs at the beach:

    2. The YJs having a party:

    3. Misty and Misty:

    4. Shauna and Shauna:

    5. Nat and Nat:

    Sophie/Shauna, Ella/Jackie and Courtney/Lottie in a cuddle puddle:

    6. The girlz eating cake:

    7. The girlz being cute:

    8. More beach hang:

    9. Casual behind-the-scenes moments:

    10. TAIVAN together (plus other Polaroids):

    11. Pre-crash selfies:

    12. Mid-blueberry drink selfies:

    13. And then all glammed up:

    14. The cast being silly 'n' goofy:

    15. Red solo cup party again:

    16. Everyone being normal on the beach:

    17. A few of the gang with a large pepper shaker:

    18. Friends just taking a pic:

    19. Sammi/Misty, Ella/Jackie and Sophie/Shauna IRL:

    20. A little pizza before...well, you know:

    21. Sammi/Misty and Sophie/Shauna CUTENESS:

    22. The adults:

    23. Another beach day photo dump:

    24. All of these moments:

    25. Liv/Van and Keeya/Akilah all dressed up:

    26. And finally, a chill moment:

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