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32 Photos That Prove The Rock Turned Into An Actual Super Human In 2013

Can you smelllllllll what The Rock is cooking in the kitchen with his giant arms and legs and body?

1. This one of his body doing this:

2. And when he lifted weights the size of Idaho:

3. This one of him doing this:

4. And when he did this with these weights with TWO FINGERS:

5. This picture where this is happening:

6. This one of him eating 12 pizza pies BY HIMSELF:

7. This photo:

8. This one:

9. And this one of him I think lifting a semi truck with his legs:

10. This one:

11. And this one of his leg veins:

12. Also, arm veins:

13. VEINS.

14. So many veins.


16. They are bulging.

17. There's also this photo of him being an actual giant Thor man with this little kid:

18. And one of him holding a toe which is gross but DEFINITELY IMPRESSIVE.

19. There's also this one of his muscles literally growing other muscles:

20. And those muscles are wearing little hats and saying, "How do you do?"

21. And then those little muscles have more muscles growing on them so it's like a muscle trifecta.

22. Also there's this one:

23. And this one where the shirt is just barely staying on him:

24. This one where he met another buff guy but made him look like a scrawny fellow:

25. (same with this one)

26. This one where he didn't even care that there were two giant spiders on him:

27. Also this:

28. And this:

29. WUT.

30. And this one where even his tongue is muscular:

31. And here he is actually carrying every present that ever existed and it was no big deal because HE HAS SUPER STRENGTH...

32. ...and is literally Superman IRL.

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