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People With ADHD, What Do You Want Everyone Else To Understand About What It's Like To Have It?

No, we can't just "focus."

As an adult with ADHD, often this is how my brain feels:

retro brain
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Doesn't that look fun? 

I wasn't diagnosed until my mid-twenties, when I couldn't take how I felt anymore, so my therapist and I discussed the possibilty of having adult ADHD (or just ADHD that went undiagnosed for my whole life).

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
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Turns out, I checked a LOT of boxes and then I saw a psychiatrist who officialy diagnosed me with ADHD. 

A huge misconception is that people with ADHD are just hyper and distracted, but it's so much more than that.

No, we cant just "focus."

Me when people tell my ADHD ass to "just focus"

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And while things might work for some people, ADHD brains are tricky.

hi lemme tell u planners do NOT help with adhd id forget to even use the planner


Like, tbh as I sit here, my medication still sits on the shelf at the pharmacy because I couldn't bring myself to pick it up when it was ready, and then too much time passed and now I've just given up on ever getting it.


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So I'm asking all of you out there with ADHD — what do you want people to understand about what it's like to live with it??

person thinking adhd stereotypes

For example, I have constantly been labeled as forgetful, lazy, and messy. But it's not that simple, and it doesn't feel good to put off things, ignore what needs to be done, and have laundry or dishes pile up.


And while the first thought people have about people with ADHD is just that we get distracted by a fly, it can and does present differently in women, which makes it even harder to diagnose and have people *get* what we're dealing with.

"lala land"

So go on, comment below what you want the non-ADHD people of the world to know and understand about what it's like living with it.

Lettuce educate together!!!