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31 People Who Have Realized The Actual Best Use Of Portrait Mode

The real reason for its existence.

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1. The hidden truth!

Found Jax's doppelgänger & if I quit my job to become a profesh dog photographer, I blame portrait mode for the fal…

2. Genius.

*gets new iphone with quality camera* *spends an hour taking photos of my dog in portrait mode*

3. How it should be!

Had to share, she’s too pretty not to. ❤️ (yes I take portrait mode photos of my dog)

4. As God intended!!

5. Perfection.

Portrait mode works on puppy's too 🐾❣️

6. Smart!!!

my mom took a picture of my dog in portrait mode I’m yelling omg

7. The way it's supposed to be!

reposted pics of my dog with censored personal info... in portrait mode

8. A phone's true purpose!

The best reason to get portrait mode is for better pics of ur dog 🤗

9. The proper usage!

My moms dog was my test subject for portrait mode. 🐶


Why have I️ never used portrait mode on my dog until now

11. How it's meant to be!

Portrait mode = dog pics only

12. The lordt's way!

So far the best use I’ve discovered for portrait mode is taking great quality dog photos

13. Truest function!

Apple adds portrait mode to iPhones while I add professional dog photographer to my resume

14. Brilliant!

portrait mode ft. my dog model: charleigh

15. What it's there for!

Thank God for portrait mode on my phone so I can take hq pics of my dog

16. The golden ticket!

portrait mode + my dog? i think yes

17. As intended!

#iPhone8 plus portrait mode is a gift. I will never take a bad photo of my dog again 😍

18. A masterpiece!

I’ve decided that I’m going to take newborn photos with my mom’s iPhone because the portrait mode takes ridiculousl…

19. TRUE perfection!

Tried out the new portrait mode on the dog and well yeah. 👌🏻

20. Why it was invented!

21. The maker's wish!

22. The most glorious usage!

I used portrait mode on koderton & now he looks like a dog model

23. A function worth fighting for.

24. The secret to life's true meaning!

Hobbies include: having a photoshoot with my dog using portrait mode

25. A reason to believe!

iPhone 7 "Portrait" mode might as well be called "Another Excuse to Take Pictures of your Dog" mode

26. Stunning!

Had a portrait mode photo shoot with my dog today lmk if you've ever seen anything more pure and majestic


The real purpose of the iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode. #dog


What better way to try out portrait mode iPhone pictures than with my model dog🐶


I basically use portrait mode just to take pictures of my dog


I’m obsessed with my iPhone’s portrait mode but mostly just for my dog. #AsIntended

31. The raison d'être!!!!

#tbt portrait mode on my dog is what god intended

Yes that's me and my dog. I'm a genius and my dog is cute. So I am including him!

Please share your model dogs in portrait mode if you are so inclined. I would love to see and I'm sure everyone else would too.

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