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    This Video Of Salma Hayek Blissfully Bathing Naked Will Make You Hate Your Life I GUARANTEE It!

    Me. JK NOT ME.

    The following video of Salma Hayek is so peaceful and beautiful that I've never hated my own life more!

    Please, take a moment to watch and listen to the tranquility and wetness of what we are seeing. It's literally Salma Hayek in a bath surrounded by more calm water and also jungle stuffs.

    The video pans slowly over the serene pond thing, while the naked body of Salma Hayek appears slowly into the frame.


    She is wearing a large gold necklace chain thing. I own nothing like it.

    As the video continues, we see Salma sitting under a faucet as water runs down her body and face. The water temperature looks perfect. Not too hot or too cold. Just perfect for casual lounging in.


    Then the video momentarily worries me because Salma put her head under the faucet and it seems like there's way too much water running over her face and maybe she can't breathe.

    But then I realize she's a celebrity, and of COURSE she can breathe under water...that's just how celebrities are!!!! So I stopped worrying and hated my life more!

    In the end I've never felt both so zen and like such a peasant at the same time. Thank you Salma for showing me it was possible!!!