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    The Netflix Christmas Movie Universe Has Expanded To Include Belgravia Too

    This is confusing.

    Well guys, I have another HUGEEEEE ANNOUNCEMENT about the NCMCU (Netflix Christmas Movie Cinematic Universe).

    Last week, we learned that Vanessa Hudgens' new Christmas movie, The Knight Before Christmas, takes place in the same NCMCU as A Christmas Prince. We know because they referenced Aldovia in the movie.

    But now, according to the newest movie, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, Vanessa Hudgens' other Christmas movie, A Princess Switch, is also in the NCMCU. Let me explain.

    In A Christmas Prince: Royal Baby, a map of some vaguely European/Asian region is shown, and on it a place called Belgravia is seen bordering Aldovia, where the movie takes place.

    And a bit later on in the movie, Belgravia is mentioned once again...

    ...specifically, as being a place where a commoner marries into the noble family.

    And that's exactly what happens in A Princess Switch. Prince Edward is the Prince of Belgravia, and he marries whatshername from Chicago, a normie!!

    So A Christmas Prince, A Princess Switch and The Knight Before Christmas are all taking place in the same universe, which would make sense if the only facts were the ones I just stated. HOWEVER...

    In A Princess Switch, at one point the Princess that switched with Vanessa's normie character, watches a movie with her love interest on Netflix.'s... A Christmas Prince! Which is supposedly a real place in this world because the town the entire movie takes place in (Belgravia) is the country right next to Aldovia, where A Christmas Prince takes place!

    This is confusing and I'm unclear what this means for everything. But I'm just gonna pretend this was a snafu that needs to be ignored from here on out.

    My hopeful guess for all this information is that after A Princess Switch 2 comes out, in which there will be three Vanessa Hudgens' characters, then we'll have A Princess Switch 3 in which FOUR Vanessa characters will be together, one of them being Brooke from The Knight Before Christmas, the third movie confirmed to be in the NCMCU.

    Also in case I sucked reallllll bad at explaining this whole thing, Netflix has actually made a handy chart to help you too.

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