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Now Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence Are Doing Human Pyramids On Yachts Together

The friendship continues.

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Psssttttttt — hey, over here. Have you heard that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are best friends now? I mean, they rode a Jet Ski together, so it's pretty much confirmed.

And now they are making us even more jealous by doing human pyramids together while on a yacht in paradise somewhere.

...but instead of bricks, it's made with humans.

Robert Churchill / Getty Images

In this photo the humans are turned around, but in a human pyramid, usually the humans are facing forward (that is, if you are standing in front of them).


The science behind the pyramid is fairly simple: You put some people on the bottom, then with each "layer" you put less and less people. Until there is one person at the top and a bunch of people in pain underneath them.