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    Updated on Sep 17, 2019. Posted on Sep 16, 2019

    Noah Centineo Bleached His Beard For Reasons I Am Not Aware Of

    This is a look.

    I have absolutely zero idea why, but for some reason Noah Centineo has bleached his beard.

    Noah Centineo / Instagram: @ncentineo

    Yep, that baby is blonde now.

    Noah Centineo / Instagram: @ncentineo

    The hair on the top of his head is still brown though.

    Noah Centineo / Instagram: @ncentineo

    Soooo, it's just the beard that was bleached.

    Noah Centineo / Instagram: @ncentineo

    And once again, I have no clue why this was done but here's a pic of the ~bleached beard~ in the dark. In the darkness a glimmer of platinum shines through.

    Noah Centineo / Twitter: @noahcent

    Noah can lie all he wants and tell us that he didn't bleach his beard...

    noah centineo update he just bleached his beard. am actually crying. I am actually considering to stop my fan account.

    ...but like, he did. It is bleached, and now we've all seen it and cannot unsee it.

    Noah Centineo / Instagram: @ncentineo

    Sorry, but you had to know. Bye!

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