Nicky And Alex From "Full House" Today

    The second most famous twins to come from "Full House" are 21 now! Their real names are Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit and it's amazing that they've aged just like other humans.

    Remember Nicky and Alex (pictured with Comet)

    They had THE toddler haircut of the decade.

    Also, the coolest clothes.

    This is them now:

    More of Dylan:

    "Alex" has a 6 pack now:

    And more of Blake AKA "Nicky:"

    Also, in an exclusive twitter-view (twitter/interview) by me, it was revealed that Blake does not speak to any of the former cast mates and/or doesn't remember being on the show:

    Dylan has yet to respond to my inquiries. UPDATE: He has.