Miley Cyrus Will Help You Find The Human Tongue

For those that lack tongue knowledge, seek Miley.

1. The human tongue. It’s difficult to locate for those who simply do not know where it is.

2. Many people (almost 97% of the population) go through life completely unaware of the location of this so-called “tongue.”

3. And that is why we have Miley Cyrus.

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4. She is our tongue yogi. To guide us. To show us the way.

5. You see, she is teaching people around the world where the tongue is.

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6. Here she points to the tongue, effectively educating dozens or millions where this muscle lives in our body.

Fameflynet Pictures

7. I myself have learned that it’s south of the nose, but north of the chin. HIDDEN BEHIND THE SMALL WHITE BONES IN YOUR MOUTH.

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8. “This pink thing is a tongue. You all have it! YES! Every single one of you! Now go forth with your tongue.”

9. The End.

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