Miley Cyrus Rolls Around Sensually In Her Sheets In The New “Adore You” Music Video

The music video for her latest single “Adore You” is here and with it a very bare Miley enjoying herself in her sheets.

1. Most of the video Miley is in her underwear doing stuff like this:

2. And this:

3. And this:

4. And this:

5. But she also has a video camera and it gets super sexy:

6. And she licks things:

7. And the sheets get stuck on her lip:

8. And then she’s in a milky bath…

9. Continuing to do things like this…

10. And this:

11. And then this happens, and we know where she’s going with it…

12. Basically, watch the video for yourself (it’s actually a romantic song that might make you want to profess your love for someone):

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