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Miley And Her Virtual Kitten Won The AMAs, The Internet, Life

Not totally sure what this was about, but it was perfect.

First of all, Miley started on stage at the American Music Awards on Sunday and it was mostly black, but there was this giant virtual KITTEN UP THERE.

And Miley is standing in front of this adorable kitten singing her heart out.

And looking awesome because she's Miley and she rocks.

AND she's wearing a cool two-piece thing with CATS ON IT.

So she's singing in a cat outfit with a giant kitten behind her and cool space graphics and everything is great.

And this kitten moves its mouth trying to sing.

So while Miley is singing this kitten is just, like, going "blahslhkdhlkghl" because it's a cat and can't really sing and it's adorable.

And the kitten's eyes also get all wide and cute and Miley is emotional and then we are all like omggggggg this is too much.

And then, as if "Wrecking Ball" wasn't getting to you enough, the kitten starts CRYING.

Full tears come from the kitten and it's heartbreaking.

And just when Miley is belting out the last bit of the song, and the kitten is staring at you...



And then it's over and you realize why Miley is Miley.

Here's the full performance: