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    Nov 18, 2014

    Meet The Other Insanely Hot Male Model From The "Blank Space" Music Video

    Yes, there were two.

    We've all become familiar with Sean O'Pry, the really hot male model who played Taylor Swift's lover boy in the "Blank Space" video.

    But now it's time to formally introduce you to Andrea Denver, the guy who plays her ~next victim~.

    Did I mention he's also a ridiculously hot male model? And Italian, so he's got that cool European thing going for him.

    Sometimes he takes his shirt off just for funsies because he knows the picture will be 1,000 times better that way.

    Then he keeps his shirt off.

    Honestly, not wearing a shirt is, like, his *thing*.

    At this point you might be saying, "Wait a second, he looks familiar." That's because if you've watched J.Lo's video for "I Luh Ya Papi" you'd recognize him as one of the guys in a tiny bathing suit.

    Or maybe you were lucky enough to be walking on the beach the day this video was filmed.

    Sometimes he wears clothes, which is dumb.

    Like, really stupid.

    I don't really get it????

    But then he begins to come to his senses.

    And finally he makes the wise decision to just take it off.

    And he drinks his morning tea the way one is supposed to drink it.

    Every morning.

    It's only proper.

    And after he drinks his tea, he hugs dogs.

    And goes on with his model life.

    The end!

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