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Meet Rita Ora And Her Wonderful Outfits

She kind of looks and dresses like a mix between Rihanna and M.I.A., but is neither of them because she is her own cool person.

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This is Rita Ora...

Samir Hussein / Getty Images

She's a British singer/actress.

Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images

She wears cats on her dresses.

Nathan Cox / Getty Images

And has really cool sunglasses.

OooOOoooo eyelash glasses!

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

She sometimes dresses a little boyish

Danny Martindale / Getty Images

And she loves hats!

'Nother hat!

Danny Martindale / Getty Images

But sometimes she dresses very girl-ish

LOIC VENANCE / Getty Images

See, girly.

Either way she has great style.

More hat.

And look, this skirt is made out of gold coins!

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

One thing's for sure...she loves a good jumpsuit.

Tim Whitby / Getty Images


Photos: FameFlynet

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