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McKayla Maroney Gives Zero Fucks If You Don't Like Her Dancing In Her Underwear

She has spoken.

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Remember McKayla Maroney? She was the Olympian gymnast who won second place in London and then made this face on the podium and it was all memeified and stuff.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

After some quiet time after the Olympics, last year McKayla revealed her new career goal is to make pop music...

...and also she was drinking muddy juice and stuff..

And now in a recent insta vid, she's dancin' around and doing this:

Instagram: @mckaylamaroney

Some people were like wahhhh wahh (that's the sound of a baby crying.

But guess what: Mckayla doesn't give a fuck!!!

hey, im just doing me. if u want me to be a role model so bad, get inspired by how i give 0 fcuks and go do u

Sorry I mean a fcuk.

Anyway, basically McKayla is just being her true self.

not everyone's gona like u, but if u stay true to yourself they might just respect you

Taking pics of her butt while her friend patiently sits in the room and waits for butt picture time to be over.


she bad, but her outlook on life badder



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