Martha Stewart Has No Idea When She Took This Video Of Herself As A Bunny...Or Does She????

    An instant classic!

    At some point in time, back when people were still using Snapchat filters to take videos and then saving them to actually post to their Instagram stories, Martha Stewart took this video of her as a bunny:

    In the video she says, "The rabbit, about to give a speech."

    And then she prunes:

    And while the video alone has lifted my spirits x 1000, it gets even better because it turns out Martha has no friggen' clue when she took it!!

    According to her caption — which I take as gospel — her makeup artist sent her the vid and Martha was like, "When did I do this????"

    At first I conceded to the idea that we'd never find out. But then the story took an interesting turn when I randomly saw this comment on her post from a person called "schoobinator":

    So now it turns out that the video of Martha as "a rabbit about to give a speech" was maybe taken at a holiday party while drunk on Hugh Jackman's wine!!!!!

    And I don't even know what that means. Did she take Hugh Jackman's wine, chug it, and get drunk? Or does he have his own secret brand of wine that was being served at this mysterious holiday party that she got drunk off of? IDK BUT I NEED SCHOOBINATOR TO GIVE ME MORE INFO!!!!

    Anywho, hope you've enjoyed this post :) See ya!