11 Times Mariah Carey Overdressed For The Occasion

    Casual friday does not exist in this world.

    1. When she went to the park in this evening gown:

    2. When this was a "typical night" in NYC:

    A typical night in New York City, wandering around town!

    3. When she went to an amusement park wearing this:

    4. When she rode the subway in this gown:

    5. When this is what she wore to make a pecan pie:

    6. When her poolside outfit was this dress:

    7. When this is what she wore to catch a flight:

    Trying to catch a flight.. See you soon! Xo

    8. And this was another flying outfit:

    9. When she wore this gown just to check out of her hotel:

    10. When this was her normal outfit for sitting on top of bars:

    11. And when this was her outfit to buy more gowns to wear in other places: